Evaluation of Physico-chemical Properties in Selected Branded Soaps

  • Tufail Hussain Sherazi University of Sindh


Quality of soaps is directly related with their physicochemical properties. Generally, ranking of the
soaps remains indistinct to consumers therefore there is strong need to assess the quality of soaps
available in the market. In the present study, eighteen commercial soaps including fourteen toilet
soaps and four baby soaps were evaluated for moisture content, pH, total fatty matter, total alkali,
free alkali, foam test and emulsification. Values of moisture content ranged between 5.40-15.12%;
pH 6.29-11.39; total fatty matter 59-91%; total alkali 0.98-1.60% and free alkali 0.01-0. 62%. The
emulsification was observed in all analyzed samples and the foam height was measured in the
range between 2.3-8.5 cm. Most of analyzed samples fall within the standard values recommended
by International Standard Organization, but in few samples pH, total alkali and free alkali were
found to be higher than the recommended values.

Dec 23, 2019
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