Evaluation of Chemical Properties of Cold Pressed Ficus Carica Seed Oil

  • Huaseyin Kara Prof. Dr.


Free fatty acid, peroxide value , conjugated diene and triene, chlorophyll, β-carotene, fatty acid
composition, triglyceride, tocol (tocopherol and tocotrienol) compositions, sterol, wax and total
polymeric compound amounts of cold pressed Ficus carica seed oil were evaluated by using
chromatographic and spectrometric methods in this study. While the % free fatty acid of cold
pressed ficus carica seed oil was 0.76±0.06, the peroxide value was found as 1.06 ± 0.09
meqO2/kg. It also had low content of conjugated diene and triene amounts, chlorophyll, wax and
total polymeric compounds. The obtained results demonstrated that cold pressed ficus carica seed
oil had rich linolenic and linoleic acid, and contained high amounts of Linoleic- Linolenic-
Linolenic, Linolenic- Linolenic- Linolenic, Olenic- Linoleic– Linolenictriglycerides. Cold pressed
ficus carica had a high content of β-carotene (4114.9 ppm), total tocol (1006 ppm) and sterol
(7250.83 ppm). The obtained results showed that ficus carica seed oil is a product with superior
properties due to its high nutritional value and beneficial phytochemicals. Therefore this oil can be
an alternative to vegetable oils and used as a medical product.

Jun 23, 2021
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