Spectrophotometric Determination of Sulphamerazine Via Diazotization and Coupling with m-Hydroxyaniline

  • Rana Sami Al-Saffar university of northern technical institutes
  • Hind Ahmed Mahmoud
  • Nabeel Sabeeh Othman


A simple and accurate spectrophotometric method has been developed based on diazotization and
coupling reactions. The method relied on the diazotization of sulphamerazine (SMEZ) via reaction
with HNO2 obtained from the reaction of hydrochloric acid with sodium nitrite. The un-reacted
nitrous acid destroyed via a reaction with sulphamic acid. The formed diazotized sulphamerazine
(D-SMEZ) was coupled with m-hydroxylaniline to produce yellow azo dye, which gives the
highest absorption at 450 nm. The formed azo dye is freely soluble in water and has good stability.
The linearity is observed by drawing absorbance of various amounts of sulphamerazine from 0. 5
to 25 μg.mL-1, which exhibits molar absorptivity of 1.4592x105 l.mol.-1cm-1 and Sandell's
sensitivity factor 0.001811 μg.cm-2. The low detection limit, low quantitation limit, relative error,
and percent relative standard deviation have been estimated, and their values are 0.0022 and
0.0076 μg.mL-1 as well as 0.02 to 0.2%, respectively. The present method has successfully been
applied to determine sulphamerazine in trisulphopriminjection (veterinary drug)

Jun 28, 2022
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AL-SAFFAR, Rana Sami; MAHMOUD, Hind Ahmed; OTHMAN, Nabeel Sabeeh. Spectrophotometric Determination of Sulphamerazine Via Diazotization and Coupling with m-Hydroxyaniline. Pakistan Journal of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry, [S.l.], v. 23, n. 1, p. 41-49, june 2022. ISSN 2221-5255. Available at: <https://pjaec.pk/index.php/pjaec/article/view/829>. Date accessed: 20 apr. 2024. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.21743/pjaec/2022.01.04.