PJAEC achieved impact factor 0.6 in Clarivate 2022 ranking-One of the millstones accomplished.


Clarivate has published the new edition of the Journal citation. According to that report Pakistan Journal of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry has earned Impact Factor of 0.6 on the basis of its performance in the year 2022. The Journal Citation Indicator (JCI) is 0.14 according to Journal performance report in the category of Analytical Chemistry ranks 92/99, Q4.

The team of Pakistan Journal of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry is highly grateful to the esteemed reviewers and authors who shared their valuable scientific knowledge at the platform of Pakistan Journal of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry.

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Vol 25 No 1 (2024): Pakistan Journal of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
Published: 2024-06-28


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PJAEC is recognized in 'X' Category, by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC)

Journal covers fields of pure and applied analytical chemistry, comprising environmental material, agricultural chemistry, geochemistry, food chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences, development and modification of instruments and techniques with potentials in environmental sciences.

The journal publishes original papers, reviews, current research notes and short communications. Reviews are written on invitation, in case and author wishes to write a review, he/she should contact the Editor-in-Chief for consultation. All papers are subject to peer review by two independent referees.

The Journal is supported financially by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The Journal is recognized by HEC as Chemistry Journal under category "X" with JPI value of '6' in Environmetal Science and 8 in Chemistry ( All published articles are available free of cost to readers. Journal levies article processing charges of Rs. 17000/- per accepted articles (Rs. 2000/- initially as handling charges and Rs. 15000/- after acceptance of manuscript) or for National and USD 100/- for international authors, respectively. (applies for submissions received after 17th April 2023)

Accelerated Publication option

If speed is crucial in your publishing strategy, our Accelerated Publication options are here to assist. These options are applicable to a limited number of articles and can facilitate faster publication of your research. It's important to note that opting for accelerated peer review does not mean compromising the quality of the review process. We ensure that the same high standards of review are maintained.

By choosing Accelerated Publication, you can achieve the following benefits:

Align your publishing timeline with conferences, new methodologies/processes to communicate

Maintain a competitive advantage by swiftly bringing your discoveries to the market.

Expedite the peer review process without compromising on the quality or rigor of the review.

Publication time: 90 days from submission to online publication.

These timelines rely on authors making revisions and returning required paperwork on schedule. We can meet the tight turnaround times by putting additional resources into monitoring and administering peer review and production processes.

To meet such requests without compromising the peer review quality, editorial staff employ additional efforts.


Extra efforts encompass the following measures:


-Making international phone calls or using messaging platforms like WhatsApp to communicate with potential reviewers and assess their availability for fast-track peer review.

-Typically, the number of potential reviewers contacted for accelerated peer review is 2-5 times higher than that for standard peer review.

-Conducting close monitoring of selected reviewers to ensure adherence to deadlines.

In regular peer review, a final decision is made by at least one editor. However, in the case of accelerated peer review, the final decision is typically made by two editors. If necessary, these two editors can seek assistance from a third editor. Consequently, it can be concluded that more checks are in place for accelerated peer review compared to standard peer review in order to maintain a high standard of peer review.

Publication charges for accelerated mode: For accelerated processing of manuscripts, authors are required to pay 15000 Rs. as additional charges [Total charges 30,000; Rs. 10,000 as handling (non-refundable) and 20, 000 upon acceptance] for National and USD 200 [initially 100 as handling charges (non-refundable) and USD 100 upon acceptance] for international authors.